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more people online

...more speed to enable

more devices to reach

...more protection to add

XPRESS Network “XPRESS” will be the first private network in the world using one of the most reliable infrastructure in the region to connect Asia and Africa with Europe.


This project is aim to help achieving one of the top national development objectives for number of countries in different continents and to cultivate a knowledge-based economy.

XPRESS will be designed to cater the needs of Mobile operators, Internet providers, Content providers, Carriers, Data Centers, Governments, Media and SMEs for the following 6 keys criteria:

To follow and meet the demands of on-going technologies which require continued growth of capacity


The Regional & Global connectivity demands


Availability & Diversity, Reliability & Sustainability, and Resiliency


Long-Term Capacity Planning


Traffic Security



Bring an additional 1.5 billion people online by 2020.

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