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Whether your business is spread across the world or in a single office, aprixer’s Managed IT Services reduce IT complexity, improve collaboration, and free up IT resources for other business-critical priorities. With aprixer's Managed IT services, you’ll enjoy cost-effective services that are fast to implement and easy to scale. Our Hosted IT Services include Cloud Hosting, Hosted Exchange, Remote Data Backup, and Remote IT Support.

Areas of Specialization

Managed IT services

Intelligent IT infrastructure 




We work in high security environments for clients in different industries such as governments, healthcare, airlines, retails, education and financial institutions.

With aprixer, we managing every aspect, you'll have a single point of control and accountability.

We’re one of the few integrated solutions suppliers that have a nationwide network of over 150 experienced engineers.

Hosted IT solutions avoid up-front capital expenses and long-term operating costs.​

Outsource business tools, and support, to free up your IT team to focus on projects that drive business growth.​

Implement Business IT Services with SMB budgets and resources will give your business the competitive edge.​




Managed IT Services

focus on your business.leave the technology to us

Remote IT Support

Ensure that your Local Area Network (LAN) is always up and running to support your essential business applications and communications tools. Whether you need help configuring , or require assistance fixing an issue, aprixer Remote IT Support can be your one-call Support resource for LAN issues.

Benefits of Remote IT Support

  • Helps your business achieve a competitive edge.

  • Avoid the cost of hiring or retaining IT staff.

  • Certified Support Experts with precisely the technical acumen you need to solve your issue - IT support experts provide assistance remotely using secure and encrypted remote sessions.



  • Cloud service provider support

  • Firewall troubleshooting, configuration, and management

  • Internet Technical issues

  • Network Diagnosis

  • Router troubleshooting & configuration

  • Third party vendor management (hardware, software and service providers)

  • VPN troubleshooting & configuration

  • Wireless access point support

Delivery Method

  • Remote IT Support is delivered using a secure and encrypted support session. Simply; a software runs on your computer to enable the connection between both your computer and our Remote Support, after work is done, the session will end by diconnecting the connection from your end.

Subscription Options

  • Monthly Subscription

  • Quarterly Subscription

  • Yearly Subscription

Managed Hosting Services

Managed Servers

Our Managed Server Hosting is for all organizations who are looking for excellent performance, best availability, experience technical support, and predictability of pricing.


With a managed hosting team, a choice of platforms, and full-time monitoring, we become your production partner, allowing your IT team to focus on what matters most.

Managed Database Servers

​Maintaining and optimizing your critical databases need time and management staff.


Our certified database administrators will handle the day-to-day tasks for you to protect and maximize your information assets, allowing you to focus on strategic projects.

  • Free up valuable IT resources to focus on applications development and strategic projects.

  • Optimize the performance of your database.

  • Access Metrics through a web-based portal to stay on top of system and database performance.

  • Ensure data security through patches and security updates.

  • Receive support provided by our experienced team.

  • Options to choose from database systems we support such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle.

Managed Application Servers

When server management is not enough and you need to monitor all levels of your application for performance and optization, aprixer has the industry know-how and expertise to monitor and optimize all levels of your hosted application.

  • SLA containting application level KPIs containing a list of items that are important to your customers.

  • Setting up and managing DNS.

  • Setting up and managing an email server.

  • Setting up and managing client server databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL.

  • Configuring load balancing software.

  • Integration with back end databases.

  • Setting up web site accounts.

  • Installing digital ID's.

  • Integration with various control panel and hosting automation softwares.

Managed Web Servers

For organizations who want the assurance that their hosting provider is an expert in the managed server environment.

  • Round-the-clock support

  • 99.9% Uptime availability.

  • Multiple tier 3 data center.

  • Easy to manage applications.

  • Customized server settings in compliance with your requirements.

all designed and engineered for maximum reliability, flexibility and efficiency

Managed Colocation

aprixer Managed Colocation Services offer scalability, continuity and security for your applications, data and systems. Suitable for all who do not want to deal with the hassle of managing their own servers, giving them access to the most advanced data center technology and managed by certifed systems engineers. 

Managed Server Space

No matter what size is your business, you can enjoy Security & compliance, Redundancy & reliability, Power density, Climate-controlled environment, and Interconnection.

  • 99.9% Uptime availability.

  • 24/7 data center engineers and technical support.

  • Advance security and protection.

  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

  • Easy to manage applications.

  • Customized server settings in compliance with your requirements.

Managed Rack Space

Our wide range of colocation options give you the flexibilty to tailor your requirement as needed. Half-racks, full racks and 10x10 cages are all options for housing your equipment.

  • 99.9% Uptime availability.

  • 24/7 data center engineers and technical support.

  • Advance security and protection.

  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreement.

  • Easy to manage applications.

  • Customized server settings in compliance with your requirements.

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