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Could Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services provid a cost-effective, secure, scalable, and easy way to combine all your business data related & IT infrastructure onto a private cloud. It gives all of the flexibility that you need to run and manage your daily business activities from anywhere & any device, yet it’s backed with the security of data being stored in world class Data centers.


Automatic software updates

Improve collaboration

Document Control & Management


Disaster recovery

Capital-expenditure Free

Work from anywhere & any device

Security & Privacy

Environmentally friendly

PriSec Cloud Hosting

PriSec Cloud Hosting delivers a high-performance infrastructure in a multi-tenant environment. Its virtualized environment frees you from expensive capital investments and operating expenses associated with owning and maintaining your own infrastructure. The service offers high availability and redundancy with a 100% network uptime guarantee

PriSec Cloud Hosting benefits

  • More flexibility and cost efficiency than a Private Cloud (PriSec Plus)


  • Dedicated resource pools for flexible and secure configurations

  • Scales readily at predicable costs

  • Built-in redundancy and failover

  • Housed in world-class facilities that are fully redundant and secure, and protected by 24/7/365 staff, security, and biometric access.

PriSec Cloud Plus Hosting

PriSec Cloud Plus Hosting delivers a customized and dedicated cloud computing environment, for a secure, redundant, and scalable virtualized computing solution on hardware devoted entirely to your business.

PriSec Cloud Plus Hosting benefits

  • Ideal for organizations that require physically segregated hardware and network gear for regulatory or other reasons

  • Dedicated hardware and robust security features

  • Built-in redundancy and failover

  • Robust intuitive web interface lets you access and control your virtual computing environment

  • Housed in world-class facilities that are fully redundant and secure, and protected by 24/7/365 staff, security, and biometric access.

create a collaborative environment


High performance and reliable infrastructure power by VMware.

Built-in firewall support and front-end security.

Can be delivered over internet or dedicated link.

Robust firewall and IP load balancing features.

Fully redundant end-to-end connectivity.

Fully-managed or self-managed using VMware vCloud Director management console.

Wide variety of operating systems.

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) services for replication and Disaster Recovery.

PriSec Cloud Hosting

  • Dedicated resource pools for flexible and secure configurations.

  • Guaranteed vCPU processors, memory, and storage allocated to your cloud for VMs.

  • Rapid and flexible provisioning of Cores, Memory, and Storage; supports any number of VMs.

PriSec Cloud  Plus  Hosting

  • SATA, SAS, and SSD Storage options.

  • Proactive performance monitoring, analytics and alert notification.

Data Centers

​aprixer takes the protection and preservation of clients hosted data and applications very seriously. That is why our services are hosted in world-class facilities that are fully redundant and secure, and protected by 24/7/365 staff, security, and biometric access. All servers feature dual power supplies connected to redundant power feeds, redundant storage, and dual network cards with connectivity to redundant upstream switches, ensuring that there are no single points of failure. Go to our Data Center products for additional specifications.

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